Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Different individuals may happen to influence our lives at different points in time. My paternal uncle is working for a bank, he one day exposed me to money management, while I was pursuing my graduation at Varanasi. After my mother expired, savings and investments were haphazard. But my father balanced every phase of our lives. The time then arrives, when my father started discussing with me his savings and investment strategies. Gradually over a period of time, I observed the family managed to create sufficient savings to meet many of our responsibilities like by my post graduation, my brother’s higher education etc.
From this above narration I just want to imply that when we are young, we can set the ball rolling, so after graduation its inevitable for all those who are either from business back ground or not but should save for fulfilment of future needs and accomplishment of dreams.
Even though if one’s income is low, expenses are well controlled, them one can easily sustain the golden rule of savings. It is not like compromising it is more like investing. For example, if one has an annual income of Rs.3.4lakh (P.A) almost 43%of his or her income is being saved (as per my information). As we all know demands and desires are keep on increasing with each passing day, similarly as age increases, expenses also keep pace, But remember your income and the experience of managing it is also increasing. As such when this Mr.X with Rs.3.4lakh (P.A) package reach to his 30s, he’ll have home EMI followed by expenses related to his dependents. In his mid to late 40s expenses will increase and 5os it will be very high. As the trend suggests, in 50s, one is just a decade away from retirement.
Further, in the 20s and 30s many goals are more than a decade away and hence investing in high risk avenue is possible. Ergo while one enjoys one’s new found financial freedom in one’s 20s and 30s one have to keep an eye on long term goal as well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eve Teasing: Time to wake up!!

We suffered,but we remain silent,may be the reasons were different but the pain was the same.Girls let it happen just because they think that their aggression might cost them heavily (can lead a normal misbehave to a rape attempt).Some of us think its embarrasing to let people know about things they suffer often ( like non-tolerable abuses-comments,physical abusing as bottom pinching,breast grabbing and rather more humiliating attempts are cosidered in eve teasing)and this category of preys involves age group of 6-65 years.Just imagine the indecency of milieu around us.The obvious reasons also includes the attitude of the female who found it futile to file a complain,because they know the consequences so far.Is n't this shows that how much "For-Granted" attitude,this male-dominant society keep for women.A women even if she belong to a high status and even she is a liberal independent one of this era,yet she have to face the same problems as one from totally different background faces.It doesn't mater whether she is walking in a road,praying in a temple,having lunch in restraunt,travelling in buses or trains; she bound to face these problems .As it beacame part of her living.Every womem would agree with me at this point,that they come across similar situations if not daily thenm on alternate basisWhenever I contemplate over this issue,the only question in my mind arises is "Why only female were expected to take measures in this context of the problem, why not men are bound to contribute their assistance to eradicate this social evil?",This issue is might be apart of women emancipation,But in realty its a big evil of the society to deal with.So on this note I doesn't only want my sisters to join hand with me,but also call upon my brothers to atleast think over this.Ergo for all the WOMEN who are expecting for some renaissance in field of prevention of female humiliation.This is for them:
"Life is like Froth and Bubble,
Two things stand like Stone;
Kindness in other's trouble,
Courage in your own."
-Mrinal Bhattacharya