Thursday, November 12, 2009

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I got two more new blogs and i expect the same love from my readers and friends. I hope you people will love to read them, after all that is the only thing i can do to make you feel good.

One is related to business insight:

Second one is related to my experiments with my very own MBA degree and my experiences:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

what does 15th august means to me??

Being an Indian,15th august is not just like any usual day it is more than that its special because it reminds me about the struggle and sacrifice made by our brave soldiers, freedom fighters. Is not it sounding like a typical standard 4th essay or comprehension? But still the feeling behind is pious and true. It reminds me about how and why we get divided from our own parts...
It made me to think that why being a socially aware youth of this nation, am faking to show my patriotism, where in reality am doing nothing in answer to many unsolved questions. Being a 21 year old adult what i have done about my nation??
Did i ever take an interest to be a part of politics ...than i have no rights to blame it???
Today sitting all alone in the gallery of my place....I found myself secure within the gates of my hostel??? Credit goes to whom????
Today if we say India is not progressing??? Then from where we are getting our salaries and jobs???
It made me realize that yet India is among the top most corrupted nation...still there is something very pious about it...there is something which made it unique....In marketing language we can say our personality have a USP known as Indian which is itself a synonym to Hard-work and Intelligence. I proudly say that am an Indian and am no where less to any other nation people.. infact i believe we are ahead of them in many fields.
So what was the objective to narrate the story this long is that 15th august is not just to celebrate, having processions, having school students enjoying cultural programs, or college and govt. Officials having holidays..its just not about all this... Indeed it is much more than is the day to make vows to your very own is the day when one should take oath to contribute in every possible way to make the nation worthy.
For all of this lecture what made me bashed to admit that i didn’t possess a voter ID yet...and i accept it not among those Hippocrates ...neither am too busy person to register for it ....but the thoughts which resisted me till now were that what difference it will make if i didn’t vote??
This is the root of the problem...we our self predict and assume everything...because ONE CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE...
So i’ll only say that feel proud on your nation and do the things which also make your nation proud on you.
Your blessed with a life, exploit it to maximum ....
“India is awesome ,I love my nation”

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Different individuals may happen to influence our lives at different points in time. My paternal uncle is working for a bank, he one day exposed me to money management, while I was pursuing my graduation at Varanasi. After my mother expired, savings and investments were haphazard. But my father balanced every phase of our lives. The time then arrives, when my father started discussing with me his savings and investment strategies. Gradually over a period of time, I observed the family managed to create sufficient savings to meet many of our responsibilities like by my post graduation, my brother’s higher education etc.
From this above narration I just want to imply that when we are young, we can set the ball rolling, so after graduation its inevitable for all those who are either from business back ground or not but should save for fulfilment of future needs and accomplishment of dreams.
Even though if one’s income is low, expenses are well controlled, them one can easily sustain the golden rule of savings. It is not like compromising it is more like investing. For example, if one has an annual income of Rs.3.4lakh (P.A) almost 43%of his or her income is being saved (as per my information). As we all know demands and desires are keep on increasing with each passing day, similarly as age increases, expenses also keep pace, But remember your income and the experience of managing it is also increasing. As such when this Mr.X with Rs.3.4lakh (P.A) package reach to his 30s, he’ll have home EMI followed by expenses related to his dependents. In his mid to late 40s expenses will increase and 5os it will be very high. As the trend suggests, in 50s, one is just a decade away from retirement.
Further, in the 20s and 30s many goals are more than a decade away and hence investing in high risk avenue is possible. Ergo while one enjoys one’s new found financial freedom in one’s 20s and 30s one have to keep an eye on long term goal as well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eve Teasing: Time to wake up!!

We suffered,but we remain silent,may be the reasons were different but the pain was the same.Girls let it happen just because they think that their aggression might cost them heavily (can lead a normal misbehave to a rape attempt).Some of us think its embarrasing to let people know about things they suffer often ( like non-tolerable abuses-comments,physical abusing as bottom pinching,breast grabbing and rather more humiliating attempts are cosidered in eve teasing)and this category of preys involves age group of 6-65 years.Just imagine the indecency of milieu around us.The obvious reasons also includes the attitude of the female who found it futile to file a complain,because they know the consequences so far.Is n't this shows that how much "For-Granted" attitude,this male-dominant society keep for women.A women even if she belong to a high status and even she is a liberal independent one of this era,yet she have to face the same problems as one from totally different background faces.It doesn't mater whether she is walking in a road,praying in a temple,having lunch in restraunt,travelling in buses or trains; she bound to face these problems .As it beacame part of her living.Every womem would agree with me at this point,that they come across similar situations if not daily thenm on alternate basisWhenever I contemplate over this issue,the only question in my mind arises is "Why only female were expected to take measures in this context of the problem, why not men are bound to contribute their assistance to eradicate this social evil?",This issue is might be apart of women emancipation,But in realty its a big evil of the society to deal with.So on this note I doesn't only want my sisters to join hand with me,but also call upon my brothers to atleast think over this.Ergo for all the WOMEN who are expecting for some renaissance in field of prevention of female humiliation.This is for them:
"Life is like Froth and Bubble,
Two things stand like Stone;
Kindness in other's trouble,
Courage in your own."
-Mrinal Bhattacharya

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CHANDRAYAAN: One giant leap for Indian astrophysics

The moon with the history of the early solar system and that of the planet earth, etched on it beckons mankind from time immemorial to admire its marvel and discover its secrets. Understanding the moon provides a pathway to unravel the early evolution of the solar system and that of the planet earth. Drive of Human desire and quest of knowledge has led to the scientific study of moon.
In modern era, exploration of the moon got a boost with the advent of the space age and decades of 60s and 70s saw a myriad of successful unmanned and manned missions to moon. Hiatus of about one and half decade followed. During this period the humankind kept itself busy with refining the knowledge about the origin and evolution of the moon and its place as a link to understand the early history of the solar system on earth.
During this period the man kind kept itself busy with refining the knowledge regarding moon, earth and solar system. During the course of this refinement, several new question about lunar evolution also emerged and new possibilities of using the moon as a platform for further exploration of the solar system and beyond were formulated.
A New renaissance of rejuvenated interest dawned as moon again became the prime target for exploration. All the major space faring nations of the world plans to utilize moon for its own as well as a potential base for space exploration.
The following are the motivational factors for chandrayaan kind of missions:
1) In Twentieth century moon attracts the attention of Russia, Europe and USA.
2) In Twenty first century it also got hotter in India, China, and Japan.
The current phase of frantic activity centred on the moon, has been triggered off by 2 US expeditions in 1994 and 1998, which discovered the possibilities of exploring lunar resources for national advantage.
According to some vital data available on different internet sites, the main motives behind the moon mission are:-
1) Possibilities of human colonisation.
2) To prepare a 3D-atlas of both near and far side of the moon.
3) To conduct a chemical and mineralogical mapping of entire lunar surface for distribution of elements such as magnesium, aluminium, iron, silicon, calcium, titanium with spatial resolution of 20 km and high at radium, uranium, thorium with 40 km.
4) Simultaneous photo geo-logical and chemical mapping helping in hypothesis for origin and early evolution history of the moon and help in determining nature.
But, the main reason behind selection of moon, in order to conduct a full-fledged research is that it is the most accessible celestial body and thus became the base for research.
India’s moon mission was initiated in 1999, the idea of undertaking it was still under the womb of ISRO before a discussion took place in Astronomical society in the year 2000. And then the growth of the whole mission was even more interesting to watch just like watching a womb developing during its ‘Shaping-up’ tenure. ISRO constituted a task force known as National Lunar Mission Task Force, which will be extremely worthwhile to plan an Indian mission to the moon. It provides space inputs such as primary space objects of such a mission, plausible instrument to meet this objective. Launch and spacecraft technologies that need for DSN (Deep Space Network) station in India for communication.
Hence in my perception India should undertake more missions like this, particularly in view of the renowned international interest on moon with several exciting missions planned for the new millennium. Thrust to basic science and engineering research in country include new challenges to ISRO to go beyond geo-stationary orbit.
Chandrayaan (ISRO) was approved by government in November 2003. Odyssey of chandrayaan-1 was conducted by DSN on outskirts of Bangalore. This lunar craft was launched by a modern version of PSLV-XL. The next mission of this lunar craft chandrayaan-2 will come by 2010 under guidance of Dr.SreeKumar. The chandrayaan first was launched in October 2008 and there were two projects that undergone, first one consisted of a Lunar orbiter and the second one was having Impacter. It was successfully launched under the prior guidance of Mr.M.Annadurai, this whole mission was of about 386 crore rupees and reached to moon in nearly 5 and a half day time, this satellite was of 1.5m in size and it weighs around 1304 kg (590 kg of Initial orbit and 504 kg of dry mass) carrying high resolution, And also remote sensing equipment for visible and near infrared, soft and hard x-ray frequencies. The duration of the orbit is near about 2 years.
Whole project will include 5 ISRO payloads and 6 payloads from other international space agencies such as NASA and ESA and Bulgarian aerospace agency.
Name of the experiment by 6 playloads from International science communities:
1) Terrain Mapping stereo camera- ISRO
2) High energy X-ray camera-ISRO
3) Lunar last ranging instrument-ISRO
4) Hyper spectral Imaging camera-ISRO
5) Moon Impact probe camera-ISRO
6) Chandrayaan-1 X-ray spectrometer.
Thus, it is very true that CHANDRAYAAN is something which adds to honour in Indian astrophysics. Hope so these kind of missions should keep on progressing and further we will be able to take initiatives like this only. And its very inevitable that youth of our nation should opt the science perceiving a vision of leading Indian astrophysica and the whole world to larger than life avenues.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Leadership is doing the right things, Management is doing things rightly.
Leadership and Management sounds usually as synonym, but if we consider Warren Bennis(1809)’s concept theory are far apart in nature. According to his theory, manager in a management is far different from a leader in leadership. He said, “Power by position make you a manager, power by influence make you a leader.” He added further that an administrator asks how one is going to perform the task productively, but on other hand a leading innovator asks what is the task?, and what is the motive behind doing it. He differentiated managers from leaders, stating that managers control their group where as leaders show trust and ergo are more morally upright and that is why sometimes management is also known as subset to leadership.
Leadership is long-term prospect, management is short-term. Manager accepts and acts accordingly, whereas leaders challenges and then reacts. Managers generally imitates, where as leaders innovates. Management is system-oriented and thus focus to its prime purposes and goals, where as leadership is people-oriented and thus the focus is on people.
If we consider Hensey and Blanchard’s thoughts upon this issue, they said management applied to business achievement of original goal is paramount.
Therefore, by Fielder’s concept we can justify the statement made by hensey-blanchard that management is doing things rightly because of this only reason, and hence it is task-oriented yet bit similar to leadership which is in fact relation-oriented. But still if ethics and values are added, no difference is there between both of them in aspects like situational interaction, decision making, vision, speech, function, behaviour, charisma and intelligence needed in both. Motivation, Ambition, energy, honesty, integrity and self-confidence might disappear in ego-conflict of management because it is just devoid of human emotions.
Hence, management is facing crisis in lack of business ethics, honesty and lack of symbiotic relation. But leadership never fails it is optimistically imbibed and so always succeed to get its ultimate aim i.e. certainly as like we have Mahatma Gandhi, S.C.Bose , Nelson Mandela, Bhim Rao ambedkar, Mother Terressa and many other prominent leaders.Ergo, lack of emotions and ethics made management a dry course of flow charts, which is just to follow the order, not to understand your own onus. Whereas leadership, if would have been initiated in recent years in the field of business by following proper cardinal virtues and ethics, Then Financial crisis kind of condition will be certainly not obtained in the future.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reforms in Indian education system- A necessity

We are living in 21st century, Indian education originally implanted by British administration, while they were reigning over India, in 19th century, to serve colonial economy, political and administrative interest and in particular to consolidate and maintain their dominance in country. We have all total214 universities among which 198 are state and 16 as central universities. 38 deemed to be university, 887 polytechnics, 11 institutes of national importance. 9,703 colleges; and nearly 3,21,00 teachers are there and caters to 6,755,000students. Critical appraisals are undertaken. And same old courses are still running in renowned institutes, leaving the students unaware of world’s latest economy, literature, reforms, and many such things.
Hence, over production of unaware educated candidates is increasing educational unemployment ratio. Consequences like weakening of student motivation and unresisting indiscipline, stagnation of innovative and deserving students. Thus it would not be wrong to say that radical reconstruction of system achieves moderate reforms only.
Vertex of change-complex turn of events, foremost among such events was adoption by government in 1990. Influence by World Bank international monetary fund combine, structural adjustment has meant the gradual withdrawal of state patronage for higher education and conterminous privatization of that sphere. However with government dithering about long term policy to be adopted in this regard higher education in India is passing through stunted growth and uncertain future. Which results to not any kind of educational innovation, also is mounting pressure for increasing accessibility and over-democratization, as well as, it made the education as rigid and pronouncedly resistant to change. That is the reason why private colleges are seeking more attention, because they are innovative and creative and have updated curriculum with them, which a student demands and which is his right as well.
What we can do in this regard is getting influenced by programmes run in other parts of world, for an example: Educational Goals-2000 of California which is a distinct vision where preparing pre-school children with a motto of “ready to learn” and increasing national graduation rates by 90%.
Also by taking such measures like faculty improvisation, semesterization of course, vocationalization of course, curriculum development, annual self-appraisal report etc. We can stop our educational reforms from being archaic. What is more inevitable is to seek the attention of the reform-makers of education.

What should be the secret for India to win more medals in olympics

As renowned intellectual Albert Camus said-“Without work, all life goes rotten, but when work is soulless life stifles and dies.” What lacks in team from India in Olympics is willingness to win, reasons are may like poor rate of recognition, even if they are winner(leaving exceptional case of Abhinav Bindra and Vijendra singh in 2008 Olympics, and that too seem to be co-incidental)they are treated like no other than a normal sportsperson. Why in our nation Cricket is a national sport and others are considered detrimental? But that is not the issue we are discussing upon, we are looking forward to a strategy which in forth-coming Olympics should be implemented. If we look at the tally of Beijing Olympics-2008, china had won 100 in which 52 are gold medals, as comparative to its previous 2004 Olympics scores that was 63 medals and in which 32 gold medals were there. Similarly, USA won previously in 2004, 102 medals with 36 gold and this time it raised to 110 and 36 gold. The myth is that only they can, we can’t. Fact is that in China and Cuba like nation every sport is given equal amount of funds. Along with that Chinese strategy is that they participate in not truly global competition categories they prefer those where they can use their traditional skills. But the best example to influence us is of United Kingdom where similar to our cricket obsession they have Rugby and soccer; yet they are excelling in both Olympics and their favourite sports. As Facts show that in 1996 UK hardly win 14 medals and in 2000 it became 114, in 2004 it is 94, but in 2008 it again scored 194. So in crux we can say that without compromising with the popularity of any other sport we too can promote and provoke our youth to get involve in Olympics. I’ll suggest lets be hypothetical about the tally and will promote it like 12 medals by 2012.Sounds jingoistic? So it is, after all its all about being enthusiastic.
Ergo, Our 3 primary targets to improve should be- 1) Archery, 2) Boxing and 3) Shooting. Only detail planning is required. As an instance, problem occurred with female archery team, Mangal singh unable to handle pressure while shooting during the elimination round in Olympics-2008. One prime aspect should be that advance selection should be done and for that India can take Asian Games-2010 as its basic ground for final selection. The winners in this competition can be finally shortlisted but before that this competition should be taken as final stage for selection and for that too India should take its best trump cards to play. Since India is traditionally dexterities in Boxing, therefore it should be taken gravely, As we know along with power houses like Cuba, turkey and East Europe will be the tough competitors, and we can’t ignore the upcoming talents from Thai and Tajikistan. For boxing there is always one thing considered important that is fresh flesh. Hence our two young boxers vijender and jitender can also able to create romance in field of boxing.
Things which should be taken care are that our strategy should be flexible and new. Extra baggage should be avoided like athletes, who are not doing well at all, they can only be selected when they are able to prove themselves as deserving. Problems like lack of physio in sushil kumar’s case, when he needed a physio, his coach was playing the dual role of physio and mentor both, where as there were 4 physios with the athlete group. May be if sushil kumar had been able to get a physio at that point of time, maybe we are able to get few more medals in our hands. Well even the experiments could be donein tennis and badminton too as we already have a grand slam winner pair of sania mirza & leander paes. But apart from that many a things could also emerge as an amalgamation.Finally let us expect that apart from all politics, our sportsmen can emerge as the true people and can show some integrity.