Sunday, October 18, 2009

what does 15th august means to me??

Being an Indian,15th august is not just like any usual day it is more than that its special because it reminds me about the struggle and sacrifice made by our brave soldiers, freedom fighters. Is not it sounding like a typical standard 4th essay or comprehension? But still the feeling behind is pious and true. It reminds me about how and why we get divided from our own parts...
It made me to think that why being a socially aware youth of this nation, am faking to show my patriotism, where in reality am doing nothing in answer to many unsolved questions. Being a 21 year old adult what i have done about my nation??
Did i ever take an interest to be a part of politics ...than i have no rights to blame it???
Today sitting all alone in the gallery of my place....I found myself secure within the gates of my hostel??? Credit goes to whom????
Today if we say India is not progressing??? Then from where we are getting our salaries and jobs???
It made me realize that yet India is among the top most corrupted nation...still there is something very pious about it...there is something which made it unique....In marketing language we can say our personality have a USP known as Indian which is itself a synonym to Hard-work and Intelligence. I proudly say that am an Indian and am no where less to any other nation people.. infact i believe we are ahead of them in many fields.
So what was the objective to narrate the story this long is that 15th august is not just to celebrate, having processions, having school students enjoying cultural programs, or college and govt. Officials having holidays..its just not about all this... Indeed it is much more than is the day to make vows to your very own is the day when one should take oath to contribute in every possible way to make the nation worthy.
For all of this lecture what made me bashed to admit that i didn’t possess a voter ID yet...and i accept it not among those Hippocrates ...neither am too busy person to register for it ....but the thoughts which resisted me till now were that what difference it will make if i didn’t vote??
This is the root of the problem...we our self predict and assume everything...because ONE CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE...
So i’ll only say that feel proud on your nation and do the things which also make your nation proud on you.
Your blessed with a life, exploit it to maximum ....
“India is awesome ,I love my nation”

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